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Bitcoin is by design a deflationary currency because it has a cap of 21 000 000 BTC.On August 1, the digital currency Bitcoin split into two derivative currencies, Bitcoin Classic (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH).While a new code upgrade called SegWit2x was introduced last week as a compromise, dissenters still decided to start backing Bitcoin Cash and fork off in their own direction.After months of vigorous debate, Bitcoin, the oldest cryptocurrency on the internet, has just split into two.After years of debate, the Bitcoin community could not come to an agreement about the future of the cryptocurrency.

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It was enough of a compromise to avert a serious and widespread cleft in the community.Almost all Bitcoin wallets rely on Bitcoin Core in one way or.

Frustrated community members voted to split a new cryptocurrency, Bitcoin Cash, off the main bitcoin branch.

A Bitcoin Beginner’s Guide to Surviving a Coin-Split

Currency set to split into two, leading to creation of entirely new currency called Bitcoin Cash.

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The currency could split into two within less than two weeks - which would be a volatile mess.

Bitcoin could ‘fork’ itself trying to split into two

The value of Bitcoin Cash will depend on several factors, according to Garrick Hileman, research fellow at the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance.The main bitcoin currency is adopting a system called Segwit2x that moves transactions out of the current blockchain,.

The new token will be almost like a free dividend, according to Charles Hayter, founder of digital currency comparison website CryptoCompare.The second issue, as noted by BTC exchange CoinDesk, is it increases transaction fees.

Loss of public trust and utility, branding issues, a market capitalization crash, and a collapse of trust in the entire crypto-currency space.Bitcoin was the first digital currency built on blockchain technology,.A dispute among developers of virtual currency Bitcoin gave birth Tuesday to a new version of the crypto coin after they failed to agree on software changes.The bitcoin rift set for Tuesday could hurt efforts to increase adoption of the currency, and could also increase its volatility, some tech leaders said.Bitcoin is set to undergo a possible upgrade on Tuesday that would see the digital currency split into two — the original bitcoin, as well as a completely new asset, Bitcoin Cash.

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Bitcoin split could hurt wider adoption of the currency, increase volatility.

He believes that the new strand, Bitcoin Cash, is likely to trade at around 10 percent of the price of bitcoin.

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